18 SEP

Forsker i elektrisk måleteknik modtager AEG Elektronprisen 2018

AEG Elektronfondens Elektronpris er i år gået til seniorforsker Dirch Hjorth Petersen, der anses som førende inden for elektrisk karakterisering af ultra-tynde metaller...

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi
18 SEP

Researcher in electrical measuring techniques receives AEG Elektronprisen 2018

This year, the award AEG Elektronfonden’s Elektronpris is given to Senior Researcher Dirch Hjorth Petersen from DTU Nanotech, who is considered as a leading researcher...

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi
11 JUN

Researchers invent microscopic toxin detector

In collaboration with colleagues from Israel, DTU researchers have invented a micro bacteria based sensor that lights up when exposed to certain types of toxins.

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi
04 JUN

Double graphene sandwich provides protection against corrosion

”Normally it’s not a huge success that not a damn thing has happened after 120 days.” 

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi
28 MAJ

Microcapsules transport healthy bacteria to the intestines

DTU Nanotech is currently developing containers smaller than a grain of sugar to be able to lead benign bacteria safely through the gastric acid for release in the mucous...

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi
22 MAJ

Metasurfaces will control the colour of your car

Imagine if you could change the poster in your living room to match the latest indoor décor fashion or the colour of your car to match your mood simply by tapping on your...

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi
05 MAR

Magnetic biosensor array simplifies the detection of genetic and epigenetic abnormalities...

In standard settings, the analysis of each DNA modification requires a carefully optimised assay that runs under specific conditions. This increases cost and labour and...

Mikro- og nanoteknologi Sensorer
19 FEB

Carbon-on-quartz device for dopamine release

Researchers at DTU Nanotech are developing a device that allows the attachment and differentiation of human neural stem cells onto dopaminergic neurons, while also enabling...

Fysik Mikro- og nanoteknologi

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